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Utility Billing & Collection

Synergy offers multifamily property owners, managers and landlords custom utility billing and collection services, maximizing cost recovery and NOI while improving the resident experience.

Synergy is a nationwide utility billing provider that specializes in streamlining operations for multifamily properties and portfolios. We are knowledgeable in all local, state and federal regulations regarding utility billing and submetering, and we pride ourselves on succeeding where other read-bill-collect (RBC) firms fall short. For our team of expert consultants, technicians and utility billing professionals, no situation is too complex, and no challenge is too great. Whatever the needs of your property and your residents, we can devise a cost-effective, high-performance solution.

Total Billing Flexibility

We offer a full range of utility billing options, including convergent billing – all applicable resident charges on a single bill. We specialize in direct billing and collection, removing all utility billing processes from the landlord’s plate. This frees up owners and managers to focus on core competencies.

Delinquent & Vacant Monitoring

We track all resident accounts and alert management promptly to delinquencies as they arise. This allows property owners and managers to get ahead of issues before they become major problems. Likewise, our vacant unit cost recovery (VUCR) services ensure that landlords never have to pay for an occupied unit’s utility costs.

Fully Integrated Technology

Synergy clients enjoy access to state-of-the-art technology solutions. This gives them real-time data on water, gas and electric usage, alerts to potential issues and hundreds of customizable reports, available 24/7/365.


Our commitment to providing unparalleled personal service, highly effective utility system design and maximum cost recovery has helped us achieve a sterling 99% client retention rate.

Flexible Utility Billing Options

Synergy provides gas, water and electric billing and collection services on your terms. We collect payments directly and remit them on a monthly basis. We can include multiple charges (rent, utilities, garbage disposal, security, parking, internet, cable, pets and more) on one convergent bill, increasing collection percentages. We also offer residents multiple payment options and access to a 24/7/365 online portal. Our only goal is to help you craft a utility cost recovery solution that works for you, your tenants … and your bottom line.

Advanced Billing & Collection Services

Synergy’s service doesn’t stop when things go beyond the basics. We’ll alert you when an account goes into delinquency, empowering you to address problems before they become costly. We provide vacant unit cost recovery (VUCR), protecting you in the event that a resident fails to set up a utility billing account in their own name. We swiftly and accurately handle move-ins and move-outs. With Synergy in your corner, you can focus on your core competencies – and leave the utilities to us.

Integrated Software & Technology

When you use Synergy for utility billing, you gain access to a best-in-class suite of integrated technology. Landlords can see usage and analytics in real time on our community manager portal, including more than 100 customizable reports. Our solutions integrate directly with leading property management solutions like Resman, Entrata, MRI, AMSI, 1Site and MITS, ensuring that the data on your portfolio is always up to date and accurate, down to the individual month, submeter, balance and occupancy status. We even provide residents with a 24/7/365 portal to pay their bills, view account data and update their information.

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