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Synergy works with multifamily property owners, investment groups and property management groups to provide utility billing services. If you’re a resident of a property that uses Synergy Utility Billing services, please log in to your portal to pay your bill or access your usage data.

Resident Utility Billing FAQs

Synergy Utility Billing is a utility billing service that contracts with multifamily property owners, property management groups, HOAs and investors

Fluctuations in your bill can be due to several variables, such as an increase in water usage, or usage during peak seasons like summer. If you have any questions or believe there may be an error on your bill, please contact our Customer Service Center at 800-695-8633.

Your bill includes the current charges for your utility usage as well as any service or facility fees Synergy Utility Billing is contracted to bill for the property you are a resident of. If applicable these may also include late fees and any unpaid prior balances.

Utility rates are determined by the utility (water, gas and electricity). They are set and approved by a state regulatory board or local municipality. For more information please contact your local utility provider for specific questions on how they determine their rates.

In most cases, residents living in properties using Synergy Utility Billing services are billed monthly. There are some exceptions and you may receive bills bi-monthly, quarterly and semi-annually. Check your resident portal for more information on bill frequency or speak with your landlord or property manager.

No, you cannot alter the due date of your bill. The due date is set by the utility provider, and Synergy must collect and remit the payment to the utility provider by the date.

If you’re unable to pay your bill, please contact customer service prior to the due date to discuss your payment plan options with a customer service representative. Non-payment of your bill may result in termination of service.

Your resident portal account has all the information about your current bill or balance due. You can also find usage data as well as past bills.

If you have specific questions about your bill, please contact Customer Service either in your resident portal or by calling the number listed on your bill.

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