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Submeter Installation & Maintenance

Proper submeter installation can make or break the success of your property's utility cost allocation system. That's why we offer premium, professional service from coast to coast.

Once Synergy’s consultants have helped you design your custom submetering system and chosen the right equipment, we work with our partners to get licensed technicians to your property. Unlike many read/bill/collect companies, we don’t rely on general tradesmen or contractors to install submeters. Rather, we deploy a network of highly experienced submeter professionals from coast to coast, ensuring that your system will provide value from Day 1. We offer premium training, proactive maintenance and break-fix services to keep things working properly long into the future.

Manual Read & AMR Solutions

We offer clients access to the full spectrum of water, gas and electric submeters, including both models read manually and automatically. No matter your need or your budget, we can deliver a submetering solution that works for years to come.

All Leading Submeter Brands

We are proudly vendor-agnostic when it comes to submeters. That means we offer and support all leading brands at all price points. We never push you on a specific model or manufacturer – it’s all about what you and your property require.


We’ve installed and maintained water, gas and electric submetering systems in nearly every state in the U.S., and our extensive network of partners means no location is out of reach. If you need utility submeters, we’re here for you – anywhere.


Our commitment to providing unparalleled personal service, highly effective utility system design and maximum cost recovery has helped us achieve a sterling 99% client retention rate.

Custom System Design & Installation

Gas, water and electric submetering are the heart of a precise multifamily utility allocation program. Unlike many RBCs, we don’t have a vested interest in steering you toward a certain equipment provider. Instead, we help property owners and managers devise custom submetering systems that meet their exact needs, then select submeters that will work exactly as intended. Finally, we partner with licensed and experienced technicians to set up and install your new equipment. Our only goal is to create a submetering system that works for you on Day 1 – and keeps delivering results long into the future.

All Leading Submeter Brands

We offer clients the freedom to deploy gas, water and electric submeters from all leading manufacturers. Our utility submetering systems routinely utilize meters, transmitters, receivers and gateways from brands like Master Meter, Neptune, Norgas, Sensus, Itron, Leviton, Inovonics, Aclara, Next Century, Tehama, H2O Degree and Cerenity. With Synergy, you’re never locked down. We design and install based on your exact needs.

Automated & Manual Read Systems

Depending on your budget and meter reading needs, we offer access to both manual submeters and automated meter read (AMR) equipment. Manual submeters are read by a human being every month or billing period. AMR meters, by contrast, use wireless RF technology and WiFi to deliver readings to us remotely, with no human intervention necessary. Automated reading allows for daily and hourly usage checks, eliminated potential for human error, and real-time alerts to spikes in usage and other anomalies.

We’ll work with you during the site audit and system design phase to make sure you get the system that fits your exact needs.

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