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Utility Consulting &
System Design

At Synergy, we pride ourselves on crafting custom submetering and RUBS setups that fit the exact needs of property management groups and residents alike. We never "set it and forget it." We're the team that takes utilities completely off your company’s plate.

Our seasoned works hard to understand your situation and develop a bespoke solution that does exactly what you need it to. We’re highly experienced in going “beyond basic” to make submetering and RUBS work where others say it won’t. Plus, we take the time early in the process to identify potential issues with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to fix the problems before they become costly emergencies. We’re not just about utility billing – we’re about making utilities a resident amenity, and a consistent driver of NOI.

Water, Gas & Electric Consulting

We’re not just an RBC. We’re utility experts. Our team can help you determine the correct billing and collection setup for your portfolio and ensure your infrastructure is up to the job. Our goal is to turn water, gas and electric from a liability into a driver of increased property values and resident satisfaction.

Utility System Optimization

Multifamily utilities aren’t “set it and forget it.” They require constant vigilance and optimization – time that your firm doesn’t have. That’s where our team comes in. We specialize in helping you analyze data and make necessary changes to reduce waste and maximize NOI.

Site audits & Feasibility Studies

Is your property suitable for submetering? Is it a better fit for RUBS? Do you need a truly custom setup? Our team can conduct all necessary audits and feasibility studies to set you on the ideal utility management path.


Our commitment to providing unparalleled service, highly effective utility system design and maximum cost recovery has helped us recover over 90% of utility costs for our clients.

Multifamily Utility Consulting

What do you do when you’re not recovering the utility costs you expect? Or when usage spikes unexpectedly? Or when you simply don’t have the visibility you need? You call Synergy Utility Billing.

We’re experts in utilities at multifamily properties, HOAs and condo associations, and mixed-use commercial and residential properties. No matter the makeup of your property portfolio, if you have a utility billing problem or a concern, we’ve probably seen it before and we can help you fix it. We’re not here to slap in an out-of-the-box submetering system and collect a monthly cut. We make your gas, water and electric worries go away.

Site Audits & System Design

Multifamily utility allocation is complex. That’s where our team of expert consultants and technicians comes in. We help you choose between true submetering and RUBs, pick the right equipment and technology, lay out a billing protocol, and effectively roll the system out to residents.

Our goal is to maximize utility cost recovery while working within your existing infrastructure, budget and workflows. We carefully balance regulatory compliance with the needs of the property owners, managers, investors and residents to deliver an effective utility allocation, billing and collection system that your firm doesn’t have to worry about.

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When you partner with Synergy, you get unparalleled responsive service that improves NOI, improves property value and unlocks insights that legacy RBCs simply can’t match.