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Utility Management Services

Synergy Utility Billing is a full-service read/bill/collect firm servicing property owners and managers nationwide. From utility consulting and system design to intelligent allocation, billing, collection and remittance, Synergy manages every aspect of utilities so you don't have to.

Outsourcing submetering and utility billing to Synergy is actually less expensive than managing it in-house. Utility billing is extremely complex, with physical systems, connectivity, local and state regulations and allocation math to deal with – to say nothing of assisting residents with billing questions and inquiries. Trying to manage it yourself is a recipe for frustration – and wasted time and money. Outsourcing read/bill/collect tasks to Synergy is extremely inexpensive, and Synergy manages the process autonomously. You focus on running your property portfolio – leave the utilities to us.

Synergy manages the utility billing for properties of all shapes and sizes, from mid-sized apartment buildings to HOAs, water districts, military housing, mobile home parks and multi-state portfolios. We’d love to show you what a modern, tech-enabled and service-obsessed RBC can do for you. Click here to talk to our team today.

Utility Billing & Collection

Synergy offers multifamily property owners, managers and landlords custom utility billing and collection services, maximizing cost recovery and NOI while improving the resident experience.

From flexible billing options and convergent billing to online payments and access to 24/7/365 online portals, we help you build electric, gas and water billing programs that work exactly the way you need them to.

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Utility Submetering

Utility submetering allows property owners and managers to fairly bill residents for their utilities by measuring each unit’s true consumption of gas, water and electric.

Synergy is the leading expert in designing, deploying and maintaining custom multifamily submetering solutions. We provide a full-service experience, from initial consultation and site audit through system design, professional installation, meter reading, billing, collection, analytics and optimization.

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Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS)

Ratio utility billing, or RUBS, proportionally allocates water, gas and electric costs to residents based on an industry-accepted formula that takes into account unit size, layout, occupancy and more.

RUBS is typically used where space, system/pipe configuration or complexity makes it impossible or too expensive to install individual submeters. It is a fast and inexpensive solution that improves utility costs recovery, allocates costs more fairly among tenants, decreases unnecessary consumption, and immediately increases a property’s NOI, with no upfront capital investment needed.

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Submeter Installation

Proper submeter installation can make or break the success of a property’s utility cost allocation system. That’s why we offer premium, professional service from coast to coast.

Once Synergy’s consultants have helped you design your custom submetering system and chosen the right equipment, we work with our nationwide partners to get licensed technicians to your property. We don’t rely on general tradesmen or contractors – we only use highly experienced submeter experts.

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Utility Analytics

In today’s data-driven world, it’s impossible to thrive without access to – and understanding of – analytics. Synergy provides clients with the industry’s richest set of utility billing performance metrics and analysis.

We give you 24/7/365 access to door-by-door and hour-by-hour utility usage and billing data. But data without explanation is just numbers. Our experienced utility consultants go a step further, helping you mine your data for opportunities to increase revenue and decrease waste.

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Utility Consulting & System Design

Most submetering companies and RBCs want to set you up with an one-size-fits-all solution and collect monthly fees. Not Synergy. We pride ourselves on creating custom submetering and RUBS setups that fit the exact needs of landlords and residents alike.

Our all-star team of utility billing talent works hard to understand your situation and develop a bespoke system that provides exactly the benefits and value you deserve.

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