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Utility Analytics

In today's data-driven world, it's impossible to thrive without access to — and understanding of — analytics. Synergy provides clients with the industry's richest set of utility billing performance metrics and analysis.

We offer landlords 24/7/365 access to door-by-door and day-to-day utility usage and billing data. But data without explanation is just numbers. Our industry-leading utility consultants go a step further, helping you analyze what the data means – and what you should do next. Are there infrastructure issues costing you money? Poor collection rates compared to industry benchmarks? Better ways to allocate utility costs? We’ll help you run the numbers and optimize your utility submetering or RUBS program.

24/7/365 Access to Utility Data

Synergy clients enjoy access to state-of-the-art technology solutions. This gives them real-time data on water, gas and electric usage, alerts to potential issues and hundreds of customizable reports, available 24/7/365.

Expert Analysis

Data without explanation doesn’t help anyone. We pride ourselves in helping you interpret your reporting and usage analytics, turning raw numbers into actionable business intelligence.

Risk & Exposure Reduction

Our rich analytics tools give property owners and managers the ability to uncover potential issues before they become costly problems. By thinking proactively, you can save thousands – or more – in repairs, fixes and infrastructure improvements.


Our commitment to providing unparalleled personal service, highly effective utility system design and maximum cost recovery has helped us achieve a sterling 99% client retention rate.

Unit-by-Unit Utility Analysis

With Synergy, multifamily property owners, managers and landlords get access to a holistic utility billing dashboard. Built on best-in-class software, our community manager portal offers prebuilt and ad hoc reporting 24/7/365, down to the door and hour. You’ll be able to analyze exactly the source of your building’s utility costs, and how you could be doing better in cost recovery.

That doesn’t mean you’ll go it alone. We provide monthly utility analytics sessions with our expert consultants, walking you through your numbers to identify what really matters and opportunities to improve your operations.

Integrated Technology

More and more multifamily owners and property managers are turning to property management software suites to manage their portfolios. We integrate directly with Resman, Entrata, MRI, AMSI, 1Site, MITS and other leading software platforms, ensuring that your gas, water and electric data is always 100% up to date and accurate. At Synergy, we know that utility billing and collection is one piece of a greater whole. We use technology to turn utilities into a driver of NOI and resident satisfaction, rather than a drain on the bottom line.

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