New Mexico Submetering Laws

New Mexico allows landlords and property managers to install submetering systems and bill residents for individualized utility usage.

Residential water, electric and gas submetering, as well as RUBS billing, are all legal in New Mexico. Sewer and trash billing can also be done individually. There are several particular legal and regulatory restrictions, however.

  • Landlords must provide a copy of the bill being apportioned, as well as RUBS calculations, if requested.
  • The service fee for providing the master bill must be $5 or less for each monthly request.
  • The maximum administrative fee on a utility bill is $5.

2011 New Mexico Statues Chapter 47-8-20 states that:

In multi-unit housing, if there is separate utility metering for each unit, the resident shall receive a copy of the utility bill for his unit upon request made to the owner or his agent. If the unit is submetered, the resident shall then be entitled to receive a copy of the apartment’s utility bill. When utility bills for common areas are separately apportioned between units and the costs are passed on to the residents of each unit, each resident may, upon request, receive a copy of all utility bills being apportioned. The calculations used as the basis for apportioning the cost of utilities for common areas and submetered apartments shall be made available to any resident upon request. The portion of the common area cost that would be allocated to an empty unit if it were occupied shall not be allocated to the remaining residents. It is solely the owner’s responsibility to supply the items and information in this subsection to the resident upon request. The owner may charge an administrative fee not to exceed five dollars ($5.00) for each monthly request of the items in this subsection.

Starting Submetering in New Mexico

It’s easy to implement submetering at multifamily buildings and other property types in New Mexico. It’s typically best to contact a utility billing and consulting firm like Synergy to ensure 100% compliance and effectiveness.

Submeters, with individual meters for each unit, can be used in existing buildings or new construction in New Mexico. RUBS billing, which divides utility costs according to an industry-accepted formula, is also possible.

Steps to Implement Submetering in New Mexico

Implementing submetering and outsourcing multifamily utility billing is a surprisingly quick process.

Utility submetering and outsourced utility billing in New Mexico can be implemented in as little as a few weeks, at no net cost to the property owner or manager.